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First Date Ideas Couple

The 25 Best First Date Ideas

This article will be broken down into 4 parts, combining into the ultimate first date guide for men. Part one is "Where to go...
NFL Sleeper Picks 2017

Best NFL Fantasy Sleeper Picks 2017

With the NFL season kicking off a few days from now a lot of last minute fantasy drafts will be taking place. Many leagues...
Stop Being a Nice Guy

How to Stop Being a “Nice Guy”

While the second half of this piece will discuss how to stop being a nice guy and transform into a bad boy that women...
Scott Adkins Better Body

How to Get a Better Body (for men)

Guys always want to know how to build the perfect body, having a good body is essential for every aspect of life, especially for...
McGregor Sparring Malignaggi

Complaints About Conor McGregor’s Favorable “Leaked” Sparring Pictures are Ridiculous

The amount of people complaining about Conor McGregor's "leaked" sparring photos has reached ridiculous new heights. Whether it's the Paulie Malignaggi sparring photos or...
Benefits of working out exercise gym

What Are the Benefits of Exercise?

Unfortunately in this day and age you can find a lot of people that are unmotivated to workout and get a better body. If...
Scott Adkins Movies

The 10 Best Scott Adkins Movies

Scott Adkins is a phenomenal martial artist, actor, and acrobat who's skills come together to make him one of the most fun actors to...
Job Interview Tips Advice Picture

The 10 Best Job Interview Tips for Men

Job Interview Tips and Advice The interview process can be extremely stressful, especially if you need to find a new job quickly. Often times this...
Conor McGregor Cocky

The 20 Best Conor McGregor Quotes

Conor McGregor is an Irish Mixed Martial Artist and considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, here are some...
Friendzoned Guy Painting Nails

How to Get out of the Friendzone (For Men)

Getting put into the friendzone is a dreaded fear for many men. Understanding why men become "just friends" is the best way to make...

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What to do When a Girl Flakes & Why Girls Flake

I decided to write an article about flakey girls after reading the generally accepted advice given to guys who get flaked on. My ideas...