The Best Alpha Male Movies List for Guys


Alpha Male Movies

Watching alpha males in fictional or reality content, can help a man replicate what he’s seeing. If you’re trying to “fake it ’til you make it” or need some quick visual pointers to boost confidence, then entertainment is the place to seek it. In movies that are meant for a male audience, typically the protagonist is an alpha male, and many times the villains are as well. I consider these alpha male movies the best for guys looking to improve themselves and they’re some of the most badass films for men in general.



Vin Diesel plays an extreme sports enthusiast, Xander Cage, who becomes a secret agent. Diesel always plays alpha male character in movies, and xXx is one of his best. He needs to fit into a group of villains and up his alpha behavior, so it’s a good film to watch and learn from.

Jack Sparrow PotC

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates are always a source of alpha male content. They manipulate, they have women, and they put themselves first. Plus being the Captain is an illustrious title because they lead other men. All of the movies are filled with some of the best actors in Hollywood, including Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Ian McShane in the latest installment.

Leonidas 300


In 300, Gerard Butler plays the Spartan king Leonidas. Similar to Troy/Gladiator, Butler plays an alpha male character in a leadership role. A notable scene from the film is when he’s standing right in front of Xerxes, and despite the complete size disadvantage, he has the fortitude to tell him off. The confidence and body language from that scene alone makes 300 a worthwhile watch, or at the very least a YouTube search.


Statham Transport

The Transporter

Jason Statham plays a badass martial arts and driving expert. All of these movies are enjoyed by men and each one has it’s own group of villains to deal with. While it may be an action and fighting movie, Statham does get to portray his alpha male characteristics in more than enough scenes as well.



Scarface is one of the best movies for men, and Pacino’s performance makes the movie what it is. There aren’t many movies that can match Scarface for quotable content. The famous statue from the movie says “The World is Yours” and that is something that resonates with men. The attitude that anything can be yours with hard work is something men value and appreciate. That’s one of the reasons the movie has become a classic. It’s filled with action, crazy scenes, great quotes, and a message that anything can be achieved with hard work.

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

Similar to The Expendables (listed below), the entire cast is filled with alpha male personalities. Funny enough, Fast and Furious includes The Rock, and The Expendables included Stone Cold in the first film. In a way they mirror each other with non-stop action and intestinal fortitude. Fast and Furious stands out from the pack of male centric movies in that it also has a large focus on cars. Sure, most movies have great car chases, but not many do it like Fast and Furious, with a focus on the cars themselves. It’s a movie franchise that all guys can love, and car enthusiasts can love even more.


The Expendables

The Expendable’s is a who’s who of alpha males in the movie industry. Every film takes the biggest badasses in Hollywood and puts them together. There’s really no shortage of alpha male character’s in this movie, and Sylvester Stallone plays the leader of the group who brings them all together. It’s rare for one movie to have so many alpha male protagonists, so it’s a great film to watch.



In a genre of movies where everyone is a badass, Tombstone is great for guys who want to watch a more modern western film. Almost every guy in the movie is an alpha male in some way. The old west wasn’t the kind of place where you could survive without being an alpha male. When Wyatt Earp slaps one of the casino patrons in the face, it’s a great example of alpha male body language and mannerisms at work. There’s also has a famous scene where Doc Holliday mocks Johnny Ringo’s obvious attempt to show off in front of a large group of people from the town. I’d recommend watching it here. It shows the perfect composure to maintain when someone is trying to showboat. Handle it lightly and joke around in return.



Russell Crowe plays one of the biggest badasses in movies as Maximus. The scene that stands out most to me is when he leads the men inside the arena. He is a natural born leader and the other slaves naturally follow his lead. He stands out and make his voice heard and the other men respect, and follow him for it.

Pitt Clooney Oceans

Oceans 11

The Oceans franchise keeps almost the same team intact throughout all of the movies. Each member is an alpha male in some way, bringing various expertise to the group. George Clooney plays the leader of the group and seeing as the group is actually a group of friends, it’s not dissimilar to any group of friends you may have. For that reason it shows the interesting dynamics between men in an alpha male heavy group.

Tony Stark Suit

Iron Man

Whether it’s the Iron Man movies or Avenger films, Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. is one of the best alpha males in movies today. He has a very cocky and humorous persona that women cling to. He’s also a human who has no problem telling off gods. That takes some set. The clothes, the cars, the body language, Tony Stark is a great alpha male to inspire motivation for self-improvement.

Cage Con Air

Con Air

There is a full cast of alpha male badasses, a majority of them villain characters, with Nicholas Cage leading the pack as the one badass good guy. He may be a good guy in the movie, but there’s no confusing that this man is a badass. Cage’s character is the perfect example of who “nice guys” need to be like. Being a nice man with a moral compass doesn’t mean you can’t be a badass, and this movie proves it. Plus, John Malkovich plays the lead antagonist, and he always plays a good role.

Achilles Troy


Brad Pitt plays a ton of alpha male roles, but Troy is often overlooked, and could be his best portrayal of an alpha character. In Troy, Pitt is actually at his biggest, and looks the most fit out of any movie he’s done. The movie starts off with two naked women laying in his tent. He’s worshiped by the entire Greek army. He leads his own elite group of soldiers. To top it all off he’s feared and despised by the most powerful king of the time period. Oh, he’s also playing a god instead of a human. All of that combined makes it one of Pitt’s best alpha male roles. Aside from Pitt’s Achilles, Eric Bana plays an equally tough alpha male as Hector.


Robert DeNiro Films

Instead of listing Casino, Goodfellas, and The Godfather separately, it’s obvious Robert DeNiro deserves his own place on the list, with all of his movies being used as a reference. DeNiro is without a doubt one of the few guys in Hollywood who has played alpha males for decades. The man is just a badass. His body language, his authoritative voice and mannerisms, he’s one of, if not THE guy to watch.

Daniel Craig Bond

James Bond

Every actor who has portrayed James Bond has brought the most alpha male character to the big screen at the time. As time has gone on the actor’s have molded with the times to become even more badass. The entire collection of Bond movies is a must watch for any guy. If you’re short on time and want to watch an alpha male in a movie, the best one to grab immediately is Casino Royale. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond is by far the most alpha male. He’s playing Bond in a time when the title of “badass” isn’t given away easily and he certainly earns the title. (Get more James Bond with our “Best of Bond” article collection HERE)


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