The Best Places to Meet Women (With Pick-Up Tips/Advice)


Men always want to know where they can meet the girl of their dreams. This can happen any time, at any place. Whether it’s going for a jog and you pass by a woman walking her dog, or you park next to a woman and walk into a store at the same time, there are a variety of ways to meet that dream girl. Meeting women in the Summer or warm environments offers a variety of different venues to meet women as well, so I’ve included those in there own section. The following are the best ways to meet women.

Best Places to Meet Women

Women at Club

At Clubs and Bars

A majority of people go to clubs and bars to socialize. Even people who go with a group of friends tend to go with the “more the merrier” philosophy, by including others at the venue in their group whenever possible.

Clubs: Typically clubs can lead to more physical intimacy than emotional development, but a physical connection can also be a key building block to a relationship.

Bars: A bar is a lot more talk friendly than a club. Unless there’s a DJ, most bars are chill and quiet other than a music machine playing just loud enough and the chatter throughout the bar.

Both places are equally as effective when it comes to meeting women. A dance on the dance floor can lead to just as many possibilities as a talk at the bar.

Women at Mall

At The Mall

The mall is a guaranteed place to find tons of women. Whether it’s in a store, at the food court, or in passing, there’s always an opportunity to talk to women. With so many women walking by, it’s the best place to practice body language, eye contact, and talking in general.

Dating Apps and Websites

Dating Apps/Websites

Apps and websites should start being considered some of the best places to meet women. While it may not by a physical location, it is just as practical for meeting women as a place you would go outside the house. Apps and websites often include features where mutual interest results in a notification. If you get one of those notifications that means interest is already there, and you haven’t even talked yet.

The equivalent of that feature in real life would be if a woman randomly walked up to you and let you know she thinks you’re attractive. For that to happen is extremely rare. Whether it happens virtually or in reality, that’s a great head start and can boost confidence. In order to avoid being “catfished” typically people who meet online add each other on Facebook. Doing a little research like they do on the MTV show couldn’t hurt. Since meeting this way often results in social media interactions, your social media presence/appearance should be a positive one.

Speed Dating

At a Dating Event

Dating events occur all of the time. The most popular of these events is speed dating. Speed dating is organized and removes the fear of the approach that can happen for men in real life. It’s comfortable to rotate where you sit instead of walking up to someone needing an introductory statement.

Everyone at a speed dating event wants to be there, the women there are seriously looking for a partner, just like the men. That certainty with the goal of finding a partner isn’t there when approaching a random woman. These women want someone, not all women at various other locations will be as like-minded.

Friends at Dinner Table

Through Friends and Family

While this may not be a “place”, meeting women through a friend or family member is generally a great way to meet women. Since the woman will be a friend or acquaintance of the person setting you up, then by default this person knows you have something in common or mutual interests that are making them think you’d fit together. That puts pressure on your friend or family member, so most likely they have genuine reasons to believe you’d work.

The person setting you up will also be vouching for both individuals. When a guy meets a random woman he doesn’t know anything about her, when a guy is introduced by a friend or family member he has some background on her. Even knowing something basic about who the woman is, is still more than you’d have by a random meeting.

There’s always the possibility that things don’t work out when you’re introduced to someone. If the woman isn’t interested, having a mutual friend is a great way to find out why she wasn’t interested. Getting that information could potentially be helpful for future dates.

Women at College

College and College Classes

College and college classes are only available for a limited amount of time, typically 4 years, but those 4 years should be the dating prime of your life. Because of that time limit, college and college classes are relegated as an honorable mention. Everyone at college is looking to let loose and have a good time with the opposite sex. The rest of this list is perfect for guys out of school but if you’re going to college soon or are currently enrolled, you’re in luck.

If you dorm it’s a huge advantage because you have built in wingmen with your roomates and you can find out where the best parties are. If you commute it’s just as easy to hang out with a girl on campus and in your classes. In either case you can meet as many women as you want and practice talking to women all day.

Many people meet the person they end up marrying while in college. If you’re graduating the same year as a woman, it will line up perfectly for both of you to start your lives together. Even if you don’t choose the relationship path at any point, there is no limit to the amount of women you can casually date. College is the perfect way to build confidence with women that stays with you even after you graduate.

Other places to meet women all year round: The library, a book store, a coffee shop, a “fast casual” restaurant. These places all have something in common, it’s very easy to randomly start a conversation. What are you drinking? What are you eating? What are you reading? Is it good? (the food/drink/book etc..)

Meeting Women In the Summer, Warm Climates, and on Vacation

When I initially wrote the following places to meet women I had written it as a Summer guide to meeting women, because the Summer offers a variety of venues that may not be as popular during the winter months. There are many places, though, that these types of places are available year round. On top of that, this guide applies to vacations as well.

Guy and Girl Gym

The Gym

Everyone wants to have the best beach body for the Summer. While the increase in gym activity typically starts in spring, women look to maintain themselves for the entirety of the Summer. The gym’s also a great way to increase confidence and meet friends too. The gym is typically considered a more difficult place to pick-up women, but it shouldn’t be denied that it’s a great place for individuals who have a passion for fitness to meet each other.

Guy and Girl Sharing Cotton Candy


Carnivals and Fairs are a warm weather only activity. There are women everywhere and there’s creative ways to pick them up. You can ask a woman to compete in a carnival game, or to go on a ride with you. Teasing how you’ll beat her or how you hope she’s not scared, making her laugh in the process. Going with friends and walking around provides a great opportunity to pick-up girls.

Girls Jogging in Park


Similar to the gym scenario, women often jog at local parks to keep in shape. It’s also a popular place on nice days to take a dog for a walk. Because of this there are a ton of women around. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Even simply petting a girls dog and asking basic questions, while making jokes about how much it likes you is an effective method.

There’s also an abundance of activities to do such as basketball or handball with friends, where you can invite girls to join in. In any physical activity, touching is bound to happen. If you’re playing basketball for example, that’s a great way to play around physically with a woman and to kid around guarding her.

Women At Movies


The Summer is the peak time of year for movie releases. Midnight releases have become a hit in recent years with tons of people going to movie theaters. Since there’s typically one major release a weekend, you already have something to talk about because you’ll be seeing the same movie as the women at the theater.

Meeting Women in the Summer


The beach is a key Summer hot-spot to pick-up women. You can practice talking either by yourself or with friends with women for the entire day. Beaches are typically packed so there’s a ton of options available.

Similar to the park, there are basketball courts and volleyball courts as well. Challenging a group of girls is a great way to meet new people. Instead of doing guys vs girls you can mix each other up as well, so the groups are broken up and you can mingle more intimately with your new group of friends. Getting numbers at the end of the game can result in future group hangouts. By doing this, you’ve effectively just expanded your social circle and had a great time playing as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Popular Hotspots

Popular Strips/Hotspots

While there are many strips that are known internationally, there are also local hotspots for smaller towns and villages, you don’t need to go to major places if you don’t live near them. Every town throughout the world has a popular spot (or two or three), where people go to let loose and walk around, grabbing drinks or ice cream as they walk. Bar crawls are also a popular event during the summer. The key to a hotspot that differs from the other locations, is that you can propose meeting up with the women later on. If you meet some girls at 9PM and get numbers all around, they can always meet up with you again around 12AM if they’re still in the area, especially if you left a good impression when you met.

Friends at Concert


Concerts are the best way to meet women over the summer, instead of seated affairs they’re typically held at outdoor venues or indoor clubs. There’s plenty of opportunities to talk with and escalate touching with women.

Bar Concerts:

Local bands and semi-mainstream bands will typically play at local bars. Depending on the type of music, even if it’s not in the dance genre, you’ll be in close contact with women. Even accidental touching can spark a conversation.

Club Concerts:

DJ’s often travel around during the Summer and play at larger club venues. At these types of events women are dancing and getting a dance leads to instant touch and is a good sign for success that night. Since clubs are larger and have bar areas, conversation is also a viable way to pick up women.

Large Venue Concerts:

Unlike the other two concerts, large venue concerts typically means you’ll be seated and near the same people all night. Picking women up this way could be a little more difficult. You’d have to maintain rapport throughout the entire evening through small talk, and typically you’d both be there for the show. Luckily all arenas have a concessions and shopping area, potentially even a very large one. This is where you can work your magic and if you meet someone plan to meet up at an after party or another night if you get her number.

The Keys to Meeting/Picking-up Women in the Summer

  • If you haven’t noticed the trend in all of these options, they almost all involve inviting women to join in what you’re doing. Whether it’s during a physical activity, a spot in the club, or to meet up later on. By having a large group with you and inviting a girl’s large group to join in, it’s a lot less threatening than a one on one encounter. The easiest time of year to expand your social circle is during the summer.
  • Don’t look to go to any of these events if you’re uninterested in the event itself. For example, if there’s a concert coming to town don’t spend a ton of money on tickets just because you think women will be there. Picking up women should come secondary to enjoying yourself somewhere. Having a good time comes first, meeting women should be organic and come with having a good time. The purpose of going out shouldn’t be to only meet girls. When you’re having a blast with your friends, women will naturally become a part of your night. A natural flow beats a forced desperation any day.
  • If there’s a guy or two in a group of women don’t shy away from them or be fearful of inviting the group. Even if they’re boyfriends of two of the girls, in a big group that hardly matters. There’s no reason to skip out on a group because of a guy or two. To speak from experience, a majority of my friends are female. There have been many nights that I’ve gone out with four or five female friends and haven’t been sexually interested in any of them, they were legitimately my friends. They’re all good looking too. If a group of guys were ever hesitant to approach because of me, they missed out on a group of hot girls and a guy who would have been nothing but supportive of whatever pick-up attempts they made.
  • Even if you decide to do any of these things solo, with all of these options there are so many women around there shouldn’t be fear of failure. You can try new types of conversations at these various places to hone your skills for the rest of the summer, as well as summers to come. Plus, if you’re young, you know the effect summer has on relationships. Everyone wants to have a good time if they’re single, so you should be having one too!