The 10 Best Scott Adkins Movies


Scott Adkins is a phenomenal martial artist, actor, and acrobat who’s skills come together to make him one of the most fun actors to watch in various films. This is a list of Scott Adkins ten best films.

Scott Adkins and Statham Expendables 210. The Expendables 2

In The Expendables 2 Scott Adkins plays the right hand man to Jean Claude Van Damme, the main villain of the film. This has to be listed at #10 because Adkins has a very minor role. The interesting thing about the Expendables films though is that almost everyone has a minor role. The casts are always filled to the brim with a who’s who of action films. Despite not being a major character there is a great fight scene between Adkins and Jason Statham. They’re two of the best martial arts actors in Hollywood, so the clash is outstanding.

Scott Adkins Universal Soldier Boat9. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

This is one of three movies on the list that features Adkins and Jean Claude Van Damme together. The two of them seem to make magic as icons of martial arts acting. Dolph Lundgren and Andrei Arlovski (former UFC Heavyweight Champion) also have epic fight scenes with Adkins. Unfortunately the Universal Soldier franchise seems a bit overplayed at this point but Adkins joining in was refreshing.

Scott Adkins Ninja II8. Ninja Franchise (Ninja & Ninja: Shadow of a Tear)

The Ninja movies are both great martial arts films. Adkins plays a martial arts student that takes on the responsibility of becoming a legendary ninja meant to protect others, using ancient equipment reserved only for those who are worthy.

Scott Adkins Hard Target7. Hard Target 2

It’s pretty clear that Adkins and Van Damme like being in the same films, but in Hard Target 2 Adkins fills in for the title role that Van Damme had in the original. The concept of both movies is the same: wealthy aristocrats hunt other people for sport. In the original the hunts involve homeless people but in this updated version the professional hunters want an actual Hard Target from the start. Adkins is picked and craziness ensues for the rest of the film.

Scott Adkins Close Range6. Close Range

In Close Range Adkins plays an ex-soldier that needs to take out a drug cartel while also dealing with a corrupt small town sheriff. The title really gives away the major plot of this movie, the movie involves a major close range standoff at a family ranch. Even though the close range shootout is a focal point of the movie there are numerous other scenes that take place away from the ranch as well, so the settings are diverse throughout the movie.

Scott Adkins Van Damme Assassination Games5. Assassination Games

Finally we get to the movie on the list where Adkins and Van Damme actually work together. This pairing is a dream come true for action/martial arts movie fans. In Assassination Games Adkins and Van Damme each play assassins that are hired to take out the same target, and for reasons of their own they both want to complete the mission. Along the way it suits each of them to work together so they join forces to take down a variety of villains.

Scott Adkins El Gringo4. El Gringo

If you want an almost humorous non-stop action movie then this is for you. There’s something wildly entertaining about a guy carrying around a duffle bag filled with cash in a tiny town and just using it as a pillow to sleep on a bench, despite the fact the whole town knows what he has. That sentence right there should give you a tip off for what you’re in for with El Gringo. The movie is definitely quirky but in a very fun way with some great action scenes and funny subtle moments.

Scott Adkins Eliminators3. Eliminators

Eliminators is unique in comparison to the rest of the films because it’s the only one that involves the immediate safety of a child. Adkins playing a father determined to protect his daughter makes this one of his best acted movies with more depth than usual. Obviously some of the other movies (which you’ll find out yourself I’m sure) have an emotional aspect, but this film takes the cake. Adkins mastered the role of a father looking out for his daughter and as always delivers great action sequences.

Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror Savage Dog2. Savage Dog

The scene pictured above with Scott Adkins fighting Marko Zaror is one of the best fight scenes in all of Adkin’s movies, and probably the best outside of the Undisputed franchise. His second best outside of the Undisputed franchise would also have to be in Savage Dog as well when he fights Cung Le (for UFC middleweight.) Savage Dog is a perfect blend of hand to hand fight scenes and shootouts. All together Savage Dog is definitely one of his best movies

Scott Adkins Yuri Boyka Nghtmare Undisputed1. Undisputed Franchise (2, 3, and 4)

Let’s start by noting the original Undisputed film does not feature Scott Adkins at all, his character Yuri Boyka was introduced in Undisputed 2 and became a martial arts movie icon. With that said Undisputed 2 features Adkins’ Boyka as the villain to Michael Jai Whites protagonist too. Even though Boyka is the villain in the second film, it’s hard to dislike him because he’s a total badass. He is such a badass that fans wanted his story to continue and it is awesome that it actually happened because Undisputed 3 and 4 are fantastic films. Both Undisputed 3 and Undisputed 4 feature some of the best fight scenes in movie history.

I would put Boyka up against any other badass martial arts character and it’s almost a certainty he would win. In the movies Boyka refers to himself as “the most complete fighter in the world” and Adkins truly makes that believable in all of the films. Unfortunately Undisputed 2 is more of a setup film but I’d still recommend watching it before thoroughly enjoying Undisputed 3 and 4. To be fair Michael Jai White is a fantastic martial arts actor in his own right, but it’s hard to root against Boyka with how masterful Adkins portrays him.