Black Sails Season 3 Episode 2 Review


Spoilers for this episode and all previous episodes of Black Sails herein

This week’s episode of Black Sails was a lot of up and down and more of a typical “balanced” episode of the show. If this episode consisted of only the Blackbeard scenes and the storm scenes I’d have given the episode a 10, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. At the same time I appreciated the slowed down moments and scenes I wasn’t as interested in because of how high intensity and intriguing the other scenes were.

The episode starts with Flint so let’s go with his storyline first. The entire storm sequence was stunning. Every scene involving Flint and his crew was fantastic, it was one of the best scenes I’ve seen on a TV show. You get a massive appreciation for it when you see what went into it as well. The acting is phenomenal, especially between Silver/Muldoon. There were 3 different perspectives offered in the Walrus scenes this week. We have Flint on deck, Billy Bones up top, and Silver stuck repairing the bottom of the ship.

Those perspectives made the scenes almost educational as well. You got to see the life of men at sea from these different areas and what they needed to deal with. The emotion of the Silver/Muldoon scenes though were at the top of the most entertaining parts of the Walrus scenes this week. It was moving and it offered more depth to Silver’s character. We’re starting to see Flint/Silver care about the crew in an entirely different way. In many ways Silver cares more about the crew. It’s almost as though the selfishness of Flint and Silver have been reversed. For so long Flint was fighting for pardon’s and freedom, and now that it’s on the tabel he’d rather seek vengeance. Silver really has the best interests of the crew in mind, and Billy is a great team with him. If you read Treasure Island somewhere along the way it’s entirely possible this dynamic changes, but the Silver/Billy interactions are just as interesting as they are now as well.

Moving on from the Walrus scenes let’s move to Rogers/Eleanor. Like last week we learn more about Roger’s and what his intent is for Nassau. The relatonship between him and Eleanor is furthering and now they have a definitive partnership with a common goal. The most interesting part about the Roger’s scenes this week was when his lieutenant is questioning how he acts/thinks. This is a man who quite possibly is as rash mentally as the pirates are. He might have this clean cut way about him, but he does think outside the box and will be a worthy foe for the captains. We also discover between a conversation with him and Eleanor that Vane had a hand in making Blackbeard leave Nassau, which comes up again later on.

Now, to my favorite scenes from this week, all the one’s at Nassau. We start off by seeing one of Rackham’s crewmen extremely nonchalant about taking more of his share of the gold. We’re discovering the idiocy of most of the pirates of the island who are in a completely different class from the captains. We move on to Vane then who is working with the slaves and is visibly distraught over the usage of slaves as well. He even breaks a mirror in his own hut out of anger, and shortly thereafter things really heat up, Blackbeard makes his first interaction with a known character.

Blackbeard and Vane get to talking and we learn that Blackbeard views his leaving Nassau as something he chose and was not forced to do. In that moment with Vane we quickly realize this man runs the show. I don’t think even Flint is going to be able to stand up to him, and even when teamed with Vane he probably couldn’t either. He’s a bad man and we’re starting to see it. After this conversation with Vane, one of the captain’s meeting’s I pined for in last week’s review actually happens (thanks producers/writers) Rackham, Vane, and Blackbeard sit down together and discuss the future of Nassau. It becomes evident here that Blackbeard is not only terrifyingly tough, but extremely intelligent as well. He’s probably one of the most alpha male character’s I’ve ever seen in a TV show. The meeting was a fantastic scene and the entire speech from Blackbeard was nothing short of awesome. It’s hard at this point to not clamor for more Blackbeard scenes. The meeting also shows how Vane is going to have a choice to make with what he wants for the future, to keep the role Rackham has for him, or to join Blackbeard.

This weeks episode somehow topped the first week’s episode. I expected things to slow down but back to back episodes have been great. The show has been renewed for another season, so we have the potential here for a show that has no signs of slowing down. So far so good for season 3 and I’m excited for what’s to come. Flint will be back in Nassau eventually and things should get really good then