Complaints About Conor McGregor’s Favorable “Leaked” Sparring Pictures are Ridiculous


The amount of people complaining about Conor McGregor’s “leaked” sparring photos has reached ridiculous new heights. Whether it’s the Paulie Malignaggi sparring photos or pictures with his usual sparring team it seems like there’s a problem every day now, leading up to the August 26th match between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. I just read a gigantic rant on Instagram and think a piece with some common sense on the issue needed to be released.

What exactly are these complainers expecting from McGregor? For him to post unfavorable pictures of himself prior to the biggest combat sports fight in history? That request is asinine and insane. Should he not post any photos at all even though he has no professional boxing history? That makes no sense either. Obviously McGregor and his team are trying to hype the fight and show fans some favorable footage of him in the gym. There’s nothing wrong with sharing pictures of McGregor performing well.

There was nothing wrong with Dana White sharing just a small clip of McGregor and Malignaggi sparring either, for two major reasons. For one obviously the entire sparring footage can’t be released because that could give Floyd Mayweather an advantage in their August 26 bout. Secondly, Malignaggi was doing an entire press tour rivaling that of McGregor/Mayweather themselves trying to make McGregor look like crap which could negatively effect the PPV buys.

The clips released proved that at least some of what Malignaggi was saying was fabricated. If one thing was being fabricated then who even knows what else was fabricated? It should be clear to everyone that Malignaggi was not “pushed down” in the picture he kept whining about in interviews. Considering that was his biggest complaint in his press tour, it says a lot about his credibility.

Obviously another major counterpoint to this would be Mayweather not releasing any sparring pictures. Well I think that should be pretty obvious too, Mayweather is widely considered one of the best boxers of all time, fans don’t need to see any pictures of him boxing when he’s currently 49-0. People already know Floyd can box, and the biggest thing holding back even more record breaking buys may be concern about McGregors boxing ability. Favorable pictures and video footage can help paint a slight picture to fans that maybe Conor can box.Not only that, but releasing pictures shows how frequently he’s been sparring and everyone know’s practice makes perfect in any discipline.

It’s pretty scary how many outlets and boxing purists are complaining about McGregor/his team releasing sparring pictures. They’re doing it to sell the fight, plain and simple. At this point the fight is already going to break records but showing McGregor in a favorable light and how dedicated he is to performing well on August 26th doesn’t hurt anybody. It shouldn’t be mind boggling to understand any of these things. Regardless of opinions on the legitimacy of the fight history will be made on August 26th and as many people as possible should order it. McGregor beating Mayweather will create an MMA legend that will never be rivaled again, and Mayweather beating McGregor gives him 50-0, breaking Rocky Marciano’s record. If the pictures bring more eyes to that kind of history, then it’s a good thing.