How to Get a Better Body (for men)


Guys always want to know how to build the perfect body, having a good body is essential for every aspect of life, especially for men. Our bodies are a key component to how we look and how we look determines the kind of jobs we can get, who we can date, who befriends us, and just the general perception people have of us. Doing all of the things on this list together will help you build a better body as soon as possible, which will drastically improve your life. (We compiled a great list of reasons to work out as well here)

Lifting Better Body

4. Working Out

While this may be the most obvious thing to do, there are multiple caveats that often go unmentioned/get left out

You Don’t Need to Body Build: When guys start working out they think they need to become body builders. Being overly huge is a choice and isn’t required in order to work out. You’re working out for you, so achieve a look that you want. Women are just as attracted to fit and lean men as they are to men who bulk. There is no size requirement when starting to workout or a weights vs cardio being more beneficial. Do what you want to do. There isn’t a “look” qualification for someone who’s fit. This is about health and confidence, not appeasing women.

You don’t need to join a gym: It’s great to join a gym, you can be motivated by other people around you, they have all the equipment you need, you can go with friends, and you can even meet people. The problem is, men think that working out at home isn’t just as effective, when it is. A set of dumbbells with some plates and a treadmill is all you need to be fit. Remember, working out is to feel good and be healthy, that can be achieved in a home gym. Even body builders can work out at home, you don’t have to join a gym to be successful with fitness.

Granted, I love gyms, and if you have the time/money then definitely sign up. For some people though, they’d rather invest in a home based fitness center than in a place outside the home. It also can be more motivating to walk downstairs than to get changed and drive to a gym, as well as being less “intimidating” when getting started. This is a personal choice, but the main reason I bring this up is because of “anti-gym” excuses. Don’t use lack of enthusiasm for a gym as an excuse to not get fit, there is no excuse, a home gym is easy and affordable to set up.

Be persistent: This is the #1 problem when it comes to working out. Guys make a brief effort to get into fitness and then lose motivation shortly after. Some people love the gym and the physiology behind chemical releases that come with working out. That enjoyment and wonderment often helps motivate those people. Just like guys who get fast results typically stay motivated. To pretend everyone stays motivated though, would be a lie.

You need to push yourself to work out if that enjoyment is not a natural thing for you and doesn’t come along at some point. It can be laziness or the inability to step away from real passions for fitness, it doesn’t really matter. Being in shape and healthy needs to be a priority. I understand completely that you have 10 hour work days and getting in a reading or video game session is preferable, but that can’t be an excuse every single night. This applies to when you’re in a relationship as well. Men often give up once they find a girl, especially if women were a deciding factor into getting motivated. Working out and being healthy is strictly for you, women may come along as a result but it’s not about that, it’s about being the best you that you can be.

Better Body Meditation

3. Meditation

A centered mind leads to a centered body which leads to a better outlook and motivation to improve. Emotional stability is just as important as physical stability. By being in a calm and positive state, negativity and erratic behavior from others are a lot easier to deal with. Meditation is also a great stress reliever. By taking time to yourself stress levels will decrease, which improves quality of life greatly.

Better Body Yoga Stretching

2. Yoga (and stretching)

Yoga is a nice combination of everything on this list and leads to more positive experiences when working out, meditating, or practicing martial arts. Doing yoga gets the blood flowing like a regular workout but also includes the calming mental aspects of meditation. Stretching is also a key component to yoga. Stretching leads to more successful martial arts training and increases blood flow throughout the body for faster healing times. People who stretch are less likely to cramp up and have an enhanced circulation. Stretching is great because it also gives the muscles more room to grow.

Better Body Martial Arts

1. Martial Arts

Martial Arts encompasses every aspect of all the prior items on the list. On top of that, martial arts leads to an unmatched confidence, especially when learning self-defense. Martial arts is also not the same thing as MMA. There’s no “move training” involved here or excessive cardio to prepare for 15-30 minute fights. Instead, schools teach self-defense methods for 5 seconds of getting out of an altercation. This isn’t for a career in fighting, it’s to walk around with confidence knowing that you can protect yourself and loved ones if absolutely necessary. Because of the ability to protect yourself, you feel more at ease when around others.

Martial arts is a workout, a confidence booster, and a discipline builder for men. By using all of the methods on this list in conjunction at various times throughout your week, you will feel centered both mentally and physically. Not only that, but you’ll look better and carry yourself more confidently. Being mentally and physically aware leads to success with women, with friends, and with your career. There’s no excuse to not have that kind of improvement in your life, so even if it means learning any of these things from YouTube then so be it, just get up and get moving!