What Are the Benefits of Exercise?


Unfortunately in this day and age you can find a lot of people that are unmotivated to workout and get a better body. If you’re reading this piece and came from a search engine then hopefully this can clear up why every man should put working out at the top of his priority list. Having a good physique and taking care of yourself are crucial for so many reasons.

Working Out Women

1. Women

I know it’s crazy that a men’s website would put women as the first thing on the list, but hell, why beat around the bush? Everything else on this list is far more important than the opposite sex but from a biological standpoint we are here to procreate and we need women to do that, so it’s silly to pretend women aren’t a prime motivator in so many things. The real problem arises when you put women before yourself, but no guy with a good physique ever cried about getting more attention from women, it’s a great sexual strategy.

Women see a good physique and assume so many things that are going to be on this list. Is the guy a good fighter? Is he great in the bedroom? Does he look pleasing so other women will get jealous? The body is essential to so many things and women want a total package, having a good body is part of that package. If you want a high quality woman then you better be high quality yourself.

Physical Health Exercise

2. Physical Health

Let’s be honest, as funny as it was to put women as #1, your health is obviously the real main reason you should be working out. The benefit of working out are numerous, from lowering fat and cholesterol, to increasing circulation and making yourself more durable to get through the day. Life isn’t fun if you’re exhausted and out of shape. Being in bad physical condition screws up everything on this list but it can’t get much worse than having no endurance to have fun or even get through the work day. Life is meant to be enjoyed, being in peak physical condition (or at the very least, not absolutely horrible) will help tremendously in getting through the day,

Mental Health

3. Mental Health

The mind is just as important as the body, they are a cohesive unit together. Exercise is beneficial to the mind at the most basic chemical level. In men exercise not only increases endorphins (which make you happy and reduce chronic pain) but it also increases testosterone over time. Without testosterone a man is mush, in order for a man to be fully functional he needs normal T levels and working out can help provide them. When you look good and all of the things on this list come together that will raise self-esteem levels and boost confidence as well.

Job Prospects

4. Job Prospects

No job wants to hire someone that looks like they don’t take care of themselves. It’s entirely possible that a strong resume and intelligence can land you a job no matter what you look like, but looking healthy never hurt anybody. Let’s be fair though, many jobs actually require you to look good and a good body can make up for other less appealing features. Unfortunately some jobs just need a good presentation and look. Height is proven to be a hiring factor for men, you can bet if two guys are 6’2″ are competing for a job that the one that is aesthetically more pleasing/charming will most likely win. How we look matters and that point can’t be driven home enough.

Bedroom Enhancement

5. Sexual Performance

Right off the bat I mentioned how women analyze a body for how a man can perform in the bedroom, and they’re not far off in doing that. A man with a good physique is so much better in the bedroom for numerous reasons.

  • Physically overpowering: Women love to be dominated in the bedroom (Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging 50 Shades of domination here, do that stuff at your own risk) depending on the level you and your partner want to go in the kinky department, strength matters. Even carrying a woman around is just a basic way to grab attention, as is a strong spank/grab of the butt. Women like this stuff (when they like you) so strength is important.
  • Stamina: Being able to last in the bedroom is important. Women like to go multiple times because they can finish multiple times. If you’re not finishing yourself multiple times then going for awhile is still important, even if it’s in “one go” then the longer the better.
  • Thrust: There’s a bad rap on leg day for men but I’ve never heard a woman complain about a powerful thrust derived from the glutes/legs. The more powerful the sexual experience, the happier most women will be.
  • Looks: You just look better naked when you have a good physique. Women want to touch and feel like they’re getting a prize, having a good body helps that.

Fighting Exercise

6. Fighting/Self-Defense

You should never go out seeking a fight but having a good physique (and skillset) is crucial if an altercation ever does arise. Having a good body can also act as a deterrent to other men as well, if a guy see’s he will clearly lose a physical altercation then the odds of them backing down goes up exponentially. This also goes right back to women, again, they think a man with a good body can fight naturally. That makes absolutely no sense because I know bodybuilders that can’t fight a damn and thin guys that have extensive martial arts backgrounds but biology is biology.

Just to be clear, a body builder physique isn’t necessary to trigger the look of a good fighter, guys that are very lean and cut can also pull it off. Both women and men can tell if someone lifts, regardless of the end result. Some people just naturally have a more bulky or lean physique and both are equally attractive as long as the person is lifting and maximizing the look they were born with. There’s a huge difference between fat and looking like the worlds strongest man, or lean/aesthetic and looking like a scrawny person. Exercising will naturally improve your genetic build, so get to it.

Friends working out

7. Friends

It should be clear by now that the benefits of exercise are innumerable but even on a basic level friendships can come out of having a good body too. Other men will want to hang out with you and align with you. The better you look the more people will want to be around you. Having a good body is just as important to a man’s status as money and power. We can make our wealth known with objects, but even then it is hard to see, as is power. The body is essential, and when a good body leads to confidence and good body language it will lead to more congruence when achieving wealth and power. A good body is a catalyst for the wealth and power as well. Friends will obviously follow when success follows and working hard on how you look is a great indicator to others that you care deeply about yourself